medium-sized enterprises in August showed that business outlook improved and inves

tment appetite resumed modestly, which signaled a stronger domestic demand.亚博平台老虎机千花网

“We see tax cuts for manufacturers and the central bank’s renewed guidance to increase le

亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所nding to the manufacturing sector, privately owned enterprises and SMEs helping to partly offset headwinds fro

m falling industrial profits and US-China trade uncertainty in the second half of the year,” they said in the research note.

China Mobile, the world‘s largest telecom carrier by mobile subscribers, official亚博平台老虎机千花网

ly launched its first self-branded 5G smartphone on Friday, signaling that St

ate-owned telecom operators are ready to popularize the use of 5G handsets in the country.

亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所Pioneer X1, priced at 4,988 yuan ($698.3), is t

he first self-branded 5G model unveiled by China’s telecom operators. C

hina Mobile said the model is available for pre-orders in both online and offline retail stores.亚博平台老虎机千花网

China Mobile Pioneer X1 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which means it packs the Snapdragon X50 m

odem. The phone boasts a 6.47-inch display with a waterdrop notch. The display houses an on-screen fingerprint

亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所scanner. Housed inside the waterdrop notch is a powerful 20-megapixel camera.

China Mobile said in a statement that it will continue working with industrial partners to

make more than 100 5G terminal devices for consumer and enterprise-oriented markets.亚博平台老虎机千花网

Shanghai is on course to build itself into an artificial intelligence nexus w

ith global influence by fostering research and development platforms, industrial cl

亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所usters and pilot projects, the city’s Party secretary Li Qiang said on Thursday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the second World Artificial

Intelligence Conference in Shanghai, Li stressed the importance of “op

enness”, “innovation” and ‘inclusiveness” in achieving the long-term AI ambitions of the metropolis.


garrison in Hong K 亚博平台老虎机419论坛tional flag-raising

The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People’s Liberation Arm

y (PLA) held national flag-raising ceremonies at its barracks Friday morning.

The flags we?亚博平台老虎机419论坛女神会所re raised at around 7 am simultaneously at the b

arracks of the garrison, which completed its 22nd rotation Thursday.

“The national flag is a national symbol. Safeguarding the national flag is safeguardi

?亚博平台老虎机419论坛ng the country and the people,” said Chen Yiyue, political instructor of a company of the garrison. “W

e will resolutely fulfill the sacred duties entrusted by the Party and the people.”

A man who stabbed to death his high school classmate, who was a postgra?亚博平台老虎机419论坛女神会所

duate at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Beijing about a year ago was sentenced to death on Friday.

The Beijing No 1 Intermediate People’s Court pronounced the capital punis

hment sentence to Zhou Kaixuan for the crime of intentional homicide after it heard the case on May 24.?亚博平台老虎机419论坛

According to the ruling, Zhou and the victim, Xie Diao, were classmates in a Chongq

ing high school. They quarreled when attending a class reunion party in their hometown in January 2016.

?亚博平台老虎机419论坛Due to the grudge, Zhou killed Xie in Beijing in June last year by stabbing Xie in the back

and chest with a knife he’d been carrying. “Although the defendant turned himself over to police, we didn’t de

cide to leniently penalize him for his extremely cruel behaviors,” the court added in the ruling.?亚博平台老虎机419论坛女神会所

Wang Zhiyuan, Zhou’s lawyer, said he will ask his client whether to appeal to a hig

her court, as Zhou did not show any emotion after the judgment was announced.

?亚博平台老虎机419论坛Standing behind Zhou in the courtroom’s public gallery, Xie’s mother began

crying when she heard the sentence. Xie’s father, Xie Zhonghua, told China Daily tha

t he and his wife were satisfied with the ruling, even though their son will never come back.?亚博平台老虎机419论坛

“The judgment was made in line with the law, and Zhou deserved such a penalty,”

Xie Zhonghua said. Last year he took to the streets and publicized the case to get justic?亚博平台老虎机419论坛女神会所

e in the city. “So far, Zhou has not apologized to our child, let alone our family,” he said.


Puck is a clever, mis亚博平台老虎机千花网 fairy. I put a letter

fter the name, which became my nickname,” says Pucky, who was born in Hong Kong a

nd grew up in Canada, which prompted her to explore the value of identity and the meaning of belonging.亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所

After graduation from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouve

r in 2008, she returned to Hong Kong, where she works as a freelance artist and illustrator.

亚博平台老虎机千花网My first designed doll was named Space Clown, a little alien wandering the Earth. I used to b

e a kid who was unhappy and sentimental, and I always dreamed about aliens that could take me away,” she says.

“What I am trying to deliver with my design is warmth and peace. With elements亚博平台老虎机千花网

like forests, outer space and dreams, I want to share comfort and inner peace with people.”

A blind date that works

Wang Ning, who founded Pop Mart in 2010, says: “I didn’t expect the designer toys t亚博平台老虎机千花网

o be so popular among young Chinese. The market is huge and promising.”

亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所Pop Mart started launching designer toys in 2016. Most of its buyers and ardent follo

wers are women and students aged between 18 to 35, according to Wang Ning.

“It’s about individuality and relieving pressure. People collect de亚博平台老虎机千花网

signer toys and they interpret the characters’ emotions in their own ways.”

The company also introduced the concept of a “blind box”. These finger-lo亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所

ng boxes are bought on spec with the purchasers unaware of their contents until they open th

em. In 2017, the company set up about 400 vending machines across the country, dispensing the “blind boxes”. It also亚博平台老虎机千花网

held its first Beijing Toy Show that year with about 200 designers and over 30,000 fans attending.

Wang Ning says more designers from the mainland are now launching their toys at the show.亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所

One of them is a young Guangzhou-based designer surnamed Deng, whose moniker is Ayan

. Deng is a fashion design major who graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2017.亚博平台老虎机千花网

Her toy series, entitled Dimoo World, is one of the most popular.

The designer held three fan meetings during the show, which attracted hundreds.亚博平台老虎机千花网女神会所

“The story of the little boy, named Dimoo, starts with his jour

ney in a mystic world, where he meets lots of friends,” Deng says. “The boy is confused and lost. H

owever, with the support and love from his friends, he grows up in an intriguing world.”


The water environm亚博平台老虎机419论坛mproved markedly al

?along the Yangtze River economic belt, with 81 percent of waters categorized as good quality by the end of June.

By 2020, all the waters in the drainage area of the Yangtze River and the rivers flowing亚博平台老虎机419论坛品茶微信

into the Bohai Sea under state-level monitoring are expected to meet national standards of good quality.

The MEE named several provinces, including Liaoning and Shanxi, for ha

亚博平台老虎机419论坛ving the most poor-quality waters and urged solid efforts in water pollution control.

The ministry said it will step up supervision on ar

eas with slower progress to improve the water environment.亚博平台老虎机419论坛品茶微信

Profits of major Chinese industrial enterprises improved last month as a result of a pickup in demand and lower cos

亚博平台老虎机419论坛ts. But more proactive policies are needed to maintain the momentum, analysts said.

The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Tuesday tha

t the profits of industrial enterprises above a designated size increased by 2.6 percent year-on-ye亚博平台老虎机419论坛

ar to 512.67 billion yuan ($71.54 billion) in July, compared with a 3.1 percent decline in June. They include ind

ustrial enterprises with annual primary business revenue of 20 million yuan or more.

亚博平台老虎机419论坛品茶微信Zhu Hong, an NBS senior statistician, said petrochemical, electrical machinery an

d automotive industries are the major players that changed the profit growth figure

from negative to positive. Those industries combined had a rise of 5.3 percentage points in y

ear-on-year profit growth in July for their larger firms, compared with the previous month.亚博平台老虎机419论坛

Zhu said that given income from asset disposals and the drop in crude oil prices, the decrease in profits for petro

leum processing narrowed significantly last month-by 49.3 percentage points from June. Profit gro

亚博平台老虎机419论坛品茶微信wth in electrical machinery sped up by 26.6 percentage points, partly due to a sales rebound.

A large increase in investment income helped the chemical industry post

a 3.2 percent profit growth in July, up from a 14.7 percent drop in June. Automotive

manufacturing saw the decline in profit narrowing by 7 percentage points, Zhu said.


winning documentary 亚博平台老虎机千花网lease on the mainlan

the jaw-dropping documentary which scooped an Oscar earlier this year, will hit domestic theaters on Sept 6.

The film will be promoted by Alibaba Pictures, the film arm of Alib?亚博平台老虎机千花网

aba Group Holding Ltd, and Taopiaopiao, the group’s online ticketing service.

?亚博平台老虎机千花网The movie, which won best documentary at 91st Academy Awards

, follows professional rock climber Alex Honnold’s efforts to conquer El Capitan’s 900-meter verti

cal rock face at Yosemite National Park in California.arlier this year,?Green Book?won the award for best picture at the?亚博平台老虎机千花网品茶微信

91st Academy Awards, and Lebanese film Capernaum was nominated in the best forei

gn language film category of the awards. And both films included Alibaba Pictures as one of the financers.

?亚博平台老虎机千花网he children-themed?Capernaum?grossed 374 million yua

n ($ 53million) in China, according to the box office tracker B

eacon, despite its release clashing with Marvel’s blockbusterAvengers: Endgame.?亚博平台老虎机千花网品茶微信

Before the film was imported into Chinese mainland at the end of April, it had not c

?亚博平台老虎机千花网racked the $2 million mark in any other market, the Wall Street Journal reported.

For?Greek Book, which raked in 480 million yuan, its China’s

receipts account for around 22.3 percent of the road-trip drama’s worldwide box-offi?亚博平台老虎机千花网

ce haul, according to movie website boxofficemojo.com and Beacon.

With China boasting the most screens in the world and bei

?亚博平台老虎机千花网品茶微信ng the No.2 box-office market, Hollywood is now seeing a g

rowth by relying on Chinese partners, according to some industry analysts.

he relics of Buddhist cliff carvings dating back about 1,200 years h

ave been found in Southwest C?亚博平台老虎机千花网hina’s Sichuan province, local authorities said.

The Buddha figure carvings were found in Baiyu county of Garze Tibetan auto

nomous prefecture, the first time in the county’s history. Archaeologists believe the?亚博平台老虎机千花网品茶微信

y were created in the late Tibetan Tubo Kingdom (about 618-842), based on their style.


from the Musee du q亚博平台老虎机千花坊uai Branly-Jacques-Chira

As the museum expected, not all of the 2,000 who had made reservation

s turned up the previous evening. Among those who did were Wang Junhan, 9, his mothe亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

r and some of his classmates at the Shanghai Fushan Zhengda Foreign Language Primary School.

亚博平台老虎机千花坊”During the day there’s always a long line of people at the gate, and in the evening it’s less crowded and quieter, so that’s a m

uch better time to come,” said Junhan’s mother, who did not want to be identified.

“I’ve been with my son to the Louvre in Paris and the British M亚博平台老虎机千花坊

useum in London,” said the mother, who works in the finance industry.

亚博平台老虎机千花坊”The exhibitions one sees in China’s museums are just as good as anything you see anywhere else, but it would be great if

they had games for children so they could have a bit of fun, whether with adventures or puzzle games.”

Huang Hui, a security officer in the exhibition hall, said those who visit the exhibitio亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

ns in the evening tend to be quieter and spend more time appreciating the exhibits.

Among the visitors on the evening of Aug 9 were Wang亚博平台老虎机千花坊

Xuan of Shanghai, in her 20s, and a friend. They had opted to visit the museum

that rainy evening because “during the day in summer it’s just too hot,” Wang Xuan said.亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

She felt happy and refreshed, she said, a bonus being that “we don’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

亚博平台老虎机千花坊For all the balm that a relaxing night visit may deliver to visitors, extended hours also obviously place mor

e pressure on museum staff, among them those who take care of maintenance and security.

The Memorial for the Site of the First National Congress of the Commu亚博平台老虎机千花坊

nist Party of China in the Xintiandi district of Shanghai, opened as a trial on the

evenings of July 1 and 5, receiving an average of 5,000 visitors each day, and “it is a n亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

ew challenge to ensure the safety of the memorial and cultural relics”, a museum official said.

Opening in the evening requires more staff and other resources, said Qiu Zhengping, deputy director of the Sha亚博平台老虎机千花坊

nghai History Museum, one of the 14 museums to extend into night hours every Friday since July.

“Each department needs to have someone staying on f

or the evening, involving security and property management staff.”亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

In addition, some exhibition items are ill-suited to long exposure to the light, a

nd some new media interactive devices were designed to operate eight hours a day.


he exhibition Arts of th亚博平台老虎机千花坊ean, Pacific Art Co

Museums are throwing off the shackles of convention and time to pull in the crowds

What does it take to extinguish the fire of curiosity? A few drops of rain, a few gusts of wind or a full-blown typhoon?亚博平台老虎机千花坊

Officials of the Shanghai Museum got an answer to those qu

estions when it threw its doors open to the public on the evening of Aug 9.

亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所Typhoon Lekima, packing winds of 185 km/h, was just a few hours

from making landfall in neighboring Zhejiang province, so many people in Shanghai av

erse to bad weather may well have thought th亚博平台老虎机千花坊at this would be a night to stay home.

In the event, more than 700 people chose to brave the rain and strong

winds that Typhoon Lekima brought to the city and visit the Shanghai Museum.

亚博平台老虎机千花坊”We made the reservation on the museum WeChat service a week ago,” said Julie Wang, a Shanghai sc

hoolteacher who attended with her daughter and several other parents and children.

“I also thought the rain might keep a lot of people away and it would be less crowded.”亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

The parents prepared pamphlets and PowerPoint files on a tablet, teach

ing the children, all preschoolers from a single class, about the exhibition Arts of the G

亚博平台老虎机千花坊reat Ocean, Pacific Art Collection from the Musee du quai Branly-Jacques-Chirac in Paris.

Walking among the carved oars, feather masks and wood sculptures, Wang occasionally br

ought to the children’s attention patterns, figures and interesting details in the exhibits.亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

“We often see fine arts from China and the West in the museum, but this ex

hibition is quite different and a rare opportunity to see the Pacific art,” Wang said.亚博平台老虎机千花坊

Shanghai Museum began to extend its opening hours into th

e evening in 2017 when the exhibition A History of the World in 100 Objects

亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所attracted many enthusiastic visitors, who were willing to line up for hours waiting to see it.

“We started opening in the evening on more than 20 days over three months to meet demand,” said Xia Beibei, a member

of the museum staff. Since then the museum has often held “Night of the Museum” events.


The fresh crisis in the 亚博平台老虎机后花园’s third-largest econ

omy was ignited by tensions within the coalition supporting Conte’s cabinet, made of

far-right, anti-immigrant League party and anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S).亚博平台老虎机后花园女神会所

President Mattarella would play a key role in this phase, verifying with every political force hold

亚博平台老虎机后花园ing seats in parliament whether an alternative majority could be shaped to form a new government.

Given the sensitive time of the crisis — which may bring the country to un

usual new polls in autumn, when some crucial deadlines loom — the head of state might also亚博平台老虎机后花园女神会所

suggest forming a technocrat government, but only if parliamentary forces agreed to support it.

Among the urgent domestic affairs were the need to outline the country’s next budget, a亚博平台老虎机后花园

nd have it passed by the Italian parliament, and preliminary by the European Union (EU), by the end of the year.

Another key budget-related priority was to avoid a possible value-added tax (VAT) hike.亚博平台老虎机后花园

For most purchases in fact, Italy’s VAT is at 22 percent; but it would automatically rise to 25.2 percent on Jan 1, if the coun

亚博平台老虎机后花园女神会所try did not find new revenue resources worth 23 billion euros ($25.5 billion) with the next budgetary plan.

Mattarella’s talks with parties’ leaders will continue through Th

ursday afternoon, according to the official schedule unveiled by the president’s office.

If such consultations do not deliver any political solution, the president wi亚博平台老虎机后花园

ll have to dissolve the parliament, and call snap elections in a range of 45 to 70 days.

Meanwhile, major parties began defining their own position in the crisis.

A possible deal between the M5S — which holds the largest number of seats in both lower house and se亚博平台老虎机后花园女神会所

nate — and center-left opposition Democratic Party (PD) was under the scrutiny of political analysts and media.

The two parties have harshly attacked each other in latest years, but their joining forces now could亚博平台老虎机后花园

produce a majority in parliament — with the help of minor allies — cutting anti-immigrant League out.

亚博平台老虎机后花园女神会所On Wednesday, the PD leadership approved a resolution opening to possible n

egotiations with the M5S, but only on condition that five program points were respected, including “a loyal EU me

mbership… a change in the country’s (tough) migration policies, and a major shift in social and economic recipes.”


Research laboratorie亚博平台老虎机千花坊ld simulate environ

nmental conditions surrounding historical sites and relics have been put into op

eration, helping Chinese researchers in their cultural heritage protection endeavors.亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

Zhao Liangsheng from the Dunhuang Research Academy in northwest China’s Gansu province told Xinhua that the plat

亚博平台老虎机千花坊form is already in use with a number of preliminary experiments already carried out.

Dunhuang was a major city along the ancient Silk Road and boasts a number of cultural

and historical attractions, including the caves of the Mogao Grottoes, a UNESCO World Heritage List site.亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

The laboratories, which received 40 million yuan (5.6 million U.S. dollars) in investment, will contribute to under

standing the weathering of rocks in grottoes and the mechanism of salt damage on murals.

The facilities can simulate various environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, sunlight, rainfall, snow亚博平台老虎机千花坊

and soil salinity. They can help scientists understand the different types of strain, such as thermal and physical da

mage, which lead to the deterioration of relics in their natural environment; and advise conservation research.亚博平台老虎机千花坊

Conservation efforts in places like Dunhuang have been hindered by the u

npredictable effects of various natural and environmental factors on cultural relics.亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所

Over the years, Chinese research institutions such as Dunhuang Research Aca

demy have conducted in-depth research on the mechanism of damage to grottoes and

urals, but efforts to protect against the influence of environmental factors were limited.亚博平台老虎机千花坊

With these laboratories now in service, heritage conservation c

an move from rescuing relics to actively preventing their deterioration.

亚博平台老虎机千花坊女神会所”The laboratory will not only serve in the field of cultural relics protection by the Dunhuang Researc

h Academy, but also conduct experiments needed for cultural relics protection across the country,” said Zhao.


Already regarded as on亚博平台老虎机夜网world’s most pollute

ted cities, Jakarta, a city of more than 10 million people, is also one of the most congested.

In his address to parliament, Jokowi said: “A capital city is not just a symbol of nati亚博平台老虎机夜网女神会所

onal identity, but also a representation of the progress of the nation.”

亚博平台老虎机夜网He did not give the exact location in Kalimantan for the new city. It is a region with a

population of just over 16 million people and known for rainforests and orangutans.亚博平台老虎机夜网

Widodo toured Kalimantan in May to survey potential sites.

亚博平台老虎机夜网女神会所Kyle Springer, a senior analyst with the Perth USAsi

a Centre at the University of Western Australia, said from an infrastruc

ture perspective, Jokowi’s push to move the national capital to Kalimantan is “interesting”.亚博平台老虎机夜网

“It is a less developed part of Indonesia where there are a number of infrastructure gaps,” the analyst said.

亚博平台老虎机夜网女神会所An archipelago comprising nearly 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a population of mor

e than 270 million, mostly concentrated on the islands of Java and Sumatra.

A question mark has been hanging over the future of Jakarta as the nation’s capital for decades.亚博平台老虎机夜网

Heri Andreas, a lecturer and researcher with the faculty of Eart

亚博平台老虎机夜网女神会所h Science and Technology and the Institute of Technology Bandung, Ind

onesia, said Kalimantan was chosen because of its central location in the archipelago.

He said the new capital will probably be the political capital of the country while th亚博平台老虎机夜网

e economic and commercial activities will remain on Java, at least for the time being.

He said Jakarta will be the “central economic city” of Indonesia.亚博平台老虎机夜网女神会所

“I don’t see Jakarta being left behind after the new capital is established,” he said.